It’s simple. Plain and simple.

Simple living.  Minimalism.  Mindfulness.

So. Many. Buzz. Words.

Such an in vogue trend right now.

It seems every magazine and self-help book and teacher is chattering about the healing qualities of minimizing your possessions, living a more mindful life, being more thoughtful about consumable resources, and simplifying intangible aspects of life as well (get that chip off your shoulder already), and they all have the thing that you need in order to make this big life change and attain ever-lasting peace and joy.

And while I’m all for minimalism on a global scale, and I’m super ready for all of us to jump on the band-wagon of saving the planet by consuming less, I’m just not quite convinced that we are going about either of these things in the most effective way.  I know I certainly am not 98% of the time!

But all sarcasm aside; minimalism, mindfulness and the over arching goal of living simply is a worth while effort.  One that we experimented with first-hand as a family of four traveling for a year across seven countries (I know… can we say jet fuel guzzlers?  But bear with me… we did learn something from it all).  It’s amazing what you don’t need, and at times, it’s surprising what you do need.  We came away from our year more resolute in our goal to “keep it simple” and stay focused on that which adds positively to the world: kindness, respect, growth, and simplicity.

I believe that we are all out there doing our very best each day to be the best that we can be.  Some days are harder than others (that’s what Twix were made for)  and some days it comes easy.  But it is those days – the ones that aren’t fancy or elaborate, not particularly productive or poignant, not Instagram worthy, or notable in any way – that I feel the most myself.  The most grounded and void of erroneous or unnecessary thinking (ahem… worrying), when I feel like I’m,   Simply.  Kale. 


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