Welcome! (I think)

Hello and welcome!

Well, it appears that I have begun a grand experiment, apparently.  Believe me, this is as much news to you as it is to me.  In fact, if we were hanging out right now you’d see, that I am a crowd-shy, anxiety ridden, overly analytical, quintessentially introverted person, and you’d probably think ‘Someone must have pressured you into doing this blog.’

Well.  Someone did.  me.

I’m not a writer.  I don’t really have a background in “professional” blogging or much knowledge about technology in general [don’t ask me to change my layout or do anything fancy with this website].  I don’t even have an English degree (and can’t spell to save my life).  But believe me; this quintessential introvert has a lot to say!  And say it I will [again, I’d like to reiterate this is news to me] right here, day after day, even if no one is listening. [Seriously, who is writing this stuff?].

I’m a notoriously sarcastic run-on-sentence-er (on purpose), parentheses-and-dash-over-user, exhaustive italics abuser, and non-word-word-maker.  I love to craft and create (with words, fabric, paper, food, and more).  I love to write [such a classic introverts line].  And I love to be a mama (those are the kids I’m most concerned with these days).

So pull up a chair.  Bring your coffee (or tea, or juice, or water, or air, or whatever).  And hopefully, with a little luck, I can make you smile, think, inspire you to create, grow, explore, or if nothing else, listen to an introvert being loud on the Internet.  Ah the Internet – a magic tool that can make anyone feel like someone important.

Enjoy the ride!



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