Um… let it begin?! I guess?!

I’m not a self-promoter or self-talker (I’m actually blushing with embarrassment as I write this, and probably will be every post I post here.  This is not my comfort zone).  I’m not an outspoken person (don’t get me wrong, I have my opinions like everyone else – just not a big sharer).  I’m a quiet, avoider of conflict, who likes adventuring, and dragging my family along for the ride (they mostly like it).  I have never had a FaceBook account, or a LinkedIn account, or a Twitter account, or a Google+ profile, or anything beyond a personal email and a former family travel blog.

But now I’m embarking on a type of adventure that I am completely and totally green about (and conflicted about), and am beyond nervous about it!  It requires me to self promote and do something that always makes me anxious – customer service.  That’s right… I’m selling stuff (…soon… i think… maybe).

Sure, I’ve climbed a few mountains (beginning at age 5), gone to the base of Mt. Everest (just a really long, and beautiful, walk to be honest), lived in multiple foreign countries, taken a year off to travel and be with my husband and kids, and visited twelve separate countries (all with kids in tow).  I’ve helped my mom pass on peacefully to her next stage of life, and nearly three years ago, I had a baby in Vietnam. But NONE of those things make me more anxious than what I’m doing now (I know.  I’m weird, right)?

Nevertheless, I’d like to think that I’m willing to try new things.  Because if I never try, I’ll always wonder what it could have led to next.  And besides, there’s always the delete button… right?!

So, here we go (I guess)!  Check it out (I think) – Find me on Instagram…

I’m here (for now)!  @Simply_Kale



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