River time with the family

Outdoor time doesn’t have to be difficult, or complicated, or expensive.  It doesn’t have to be Internet-worthy, “hard-core,” or exotic.  It just needs to occur outside of the walls we are so often within.  It’s good for the soul.

As a family with two young active boys, we have to be outside for HOURS each day – rain or shine.  This winter has been a challenge in that department, but we’ve made the best of it and now they are happy to play in the cold snow.  That’s what warm jackets are made for right?!

Today was the first day it felt “warm,” and by “warm,” I mean I couldn’t see my breath.  So away to the river we went (one of many in our area), to play on its bank, run like the wind, throw rocks, eat some snacks, make some fairy gardens and fairy houses, throw some more rocks, whack things with big sticks, and whatever else the little-boy heart desired.

All around there were signs of spring – buds on bushes and trees, song birds singing their triumphant songs, and LOTS of dog walkers.  It was short and sweet and was just what the doctor ordered after so many days, and weeks, and months of cold, and snow, and freezing rain.

Welcome spring!*  We’re glad you’re here!

* So we’re celebrating spring a few days early.  The equinox is right around the corner.  Besides, I’ve never been good at waiting for a good thing.


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