Curse you daylight savings!

The mornings around here have been rough.  The evenings even rougher.  Was daylight savings really only three days ago?!  It’s like we have jet lag but no fun travel adventure as a reward.  And, even though it’s only been three days, it seems like we’ve been sleepless and crabby for a lot longer than that.  And then today happened (and it’s still only 12:30 in the afternoon people).

We woke up to our lovely alarm (“Sleepy Head” by Casper Baby Pants of course) and I was not feeling it.  But, reluctantly I reminded myself that the sooner I wake up and get out of bed, the sooner there will be coffee coursing through my veins.  I peeled my co-sleeping 2.5 year old off of me and attempted to tip toe out of the room, without stepping on my 7.5 year old who spent the night on the floor after a nightmare.  I made it all the way into the livingroom where I promptly began barking negative spew at my husband, who took it well and got me some coffee (sometimes he can be so smart).

Just before my fanny hit the chair, mug in hand, I heard, “Mama!  Come here!”  Ah… the sound of our wee one, ready to be lulled back to sleep once more.  “MAMA!!!!”  Quickly followed by pattering feet and a scowling too-big-cheeked-face.  “Where are you?!”  “Right here sweetie.”  “Go night-night.”  “No hon.  It’s awake time.”  “NO!  NIGHT NIGHT!”  Big sigh from me as I finally sit down and eyeball the husband suggesting he step in…

Grumping ensued from all three of us, and then the big one came to join the fun.  Boy were we off to a great start!  The two big boys (husband and child) were off for the day and I was left to fend for myself with the little one.  So, I packed us up, got our rain gear (because we live in the Northwest after all) and headed to the river.  Some space, some rock throwing, some walking… that would shake off the funk right?!

After wrangling the kid into the car (it’s really just an issue of getting him out of the house with all his clothes on) and driving all the way to the trail head, it dawns on me.  It’s Wednesday.  It’s WEDNESDAY!  Ugh… I had forgotten about our toddler co-op meeting.  I looked out at the beautiful mist on the hill, and the rain swollen river, and hoped against hope that I wouldn’t do anything stupid.  But instead I decided to turn around and ask, “Do you want to go on a lovely walk in the woods along the river and throw rocks and play with sticks, or go to (what he calls) Special School?”  I was sure he would choose the river…

“SPECIAL SCHOOL!  There we play toys!”  Ugh… What was I thinking asking the 2.5 year old about our schedule?!  Back we went, to arrive 30 minutes late.  But at least there was happiness from my little one.  And in all honesty, it was good for me to be able to commiserate with other parents who also had their daylight savings struggles.  At least I wasn’t alone.

So my lesson of the day?  Let go.  Just let go.  It’s best for everyone.  I’m not saying I plan to let go of morals, or boundaries, or safety, or any plans whatsoever (except sometimes that’s fun)… I’m just saying that when things don’t go my way,  I can strangle the plans and force them through and make everyone miserable, or I can be open to what comes and see how many people can come out of it unscathed.  I can either laugh, or cry, and today I think I’ll laugh (that takes less energy anyway).

But seriously.  About this daylight savings thing; who can I file a complaint with?


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