Simple is as simple does

Doing simple is a lot harder than talking about it.  For me, some of my chronic habits (crafting, sewing, cooking, writing, reading) end up taking up lots of space in my “space,” making things feel far from anything like those beautiful clean photos of what simple is supposed to look like.  But I suppose that everyone has to define their own “simple” for themselves, right?

Hmm.. something seems amiss to me.

How have we come to an era where even “simple” has become complicated?  It’s been defined, and redefined.  Marketed, packaged, sold, and re-sold, and in my humble opinion (or not so much), that’s not very simple folks.  Simple is not a fad.  It’s not a trend.  It’s not a color scheme.  It’s not an opportunity to pass judgement on ourselves or others.  It’s not even an Instagram tag (except I have recently used that… nobody’s perfect).

It’s a word.  A word that was created to communicate an idea. defines simple as, “easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.”  Um, I think it’s safe to say we’ve got to seriously reevaluate how we are using this word!

Simple is as simple does.  “Easily understood.”

So what is simple when it’s done by definition?   Well, it likely has nothing to do with organizing my stuff, buying bins, decluttering my junk, changing the decor of my house, reading up on how to purge correctly, or minimizing the number of colors in my kitchen.  It has more to do with being in one place at a time and enjoying the little things… so that things are easily understood, and don’t need to be defined or redefined in any sort of way.

For me, simple can be like the breakfast I had today.  Quiet and yummy, next to a bright window with fresh cut flowers (and not even staged for my Instagram or Pinterest, it just so happens I bought some tulips the other day).  It could have happened with family or friends too, but this time it was just me and my wee one.  Simple.  Yummy.  And easy to understand.  Oh, and did I mention yummy?

Now that’s my kind of simple.




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