These are a few of my favorite things…

Things I like to make are notoriously simple.  In fact, I really think that sometimes they almost don’t qualify as making at all.  But I do love the time I spend taking a collection of things (usually beautiful fabric or paper) and making something “new.”  Don’t get me wrong… I haven’t invented anything, or made any discoveries, but still – a heap of fabric, some thread, and a few hours and voila!  A ______.

When I make anything, function is necessary (why waste the time otherwise).  Aesthetic is ideal.  Enjoyable to put together – always.  Armed with a sewing machine, my favorite shears (praise Gingher), a cup of luke warm tea, and a sunny window, I blasted through four projects in just a few hours!

Though I don’t feel any of what I make is particularly amazing.  I love to make – and make I will continue to do.



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