In mourning

I am okay with growing up (mostly).  There’s always so much to look forward to as my children change and grow.  They keep me on my toes and life is never boring.  But some things, I wish could stay.  I wish that their innocence could stay.  I wish their sense of wonder about the little things could stay.  And I really really REALLY wish the nap could stay.

That’s right… we are phasing out the nap.  Don’t miss hear me – I’ve had no say in this!  It’s not so much a WE than a HE.  Personally, I LOVE the nap.  I worship the nap.  I want the nap to continue (for both my kids if I’m totally honest) for their entire childhood and adolescence!  But we are on day three, and no naps.  He’s sort of an all or nothing kid.  He does it.  Or he really doesn’t.

I find myself a bit, how should I say, exhausted?!  Guess what, the dirty diaper that you’re holding doesn’t belong in the garden!  And no, olive oil doesn’t go in the coffee.  Mmmm… coffee.

Not only have I lost my quiet rest time each day, my lovely non-napper is a crabby pants in the afternoon, which means he demands more attentiveness, more guidance, more redirection, more thinking on my toes, and all at my least patient time of the day.

On the flip side, he’s now going to bed at 7, which has given my elder son some special time with extra attention from Baba (grandpa) and mom and dad.  I can already tell he relishes this extra hour of quiet wind down time before bed.

So, as with anything and everything family related, we are transitioning, adjusting, changing, and holding on for the ride.

More caffeine anyone?!


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