My NEW favorite thing!

I go through phases where I LOVE to make something… and make it, and make it, and MAKE it, until I’m overwhelmed by them and have them pouring out of my ears!  Then I don’t pick that particular project up again for 6 months or several years.  I guess one might say I’m an all or nothing crafter (but not in any other part of my life, right?  Don’t ask my husband.  Deal?!).

So… I’ve rediscovered the fun of working with felted wool (thanks to a request from a reader)!  I loved making my new pin cushion, and I want more opportunities to do more work with wool!

If you’re interested in one of these beautiful, 100% felted wool, custom-made colorful, functional, and fun pin cushions, get in touch!  Can’t wait to play!



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