Easter is coming!

Last year our family spent Easter in Australia.  While we had a wonderful time, and even met up with some family for the holiday, there was one BIG dilemma.  Apparently, plastic Easter eggs are not very popular down under!  We couldn’t find those (or egg dying kits) anywhere!  So, we turned to the Internet, and one of my favorite creatives Rachel Wolf.  She always has inspiring projects and thoughts about family, life, parenting, and more.  So of course she had a logical solution to our inability to find plastic Easter eggs!

We found her tutorial to make wool felt fill-able Easter eggs and, of course I had a sewing kit and some wool I was traveling with!  We set to work and made six beautiful eggs to have the Easter Bunny fill on Easter morning.  And fill he (or maybe she) did!  Each egg had a piece of a puzzle picture.  And once we collected them all, we put the puzzle together and there was a picture of our car.  We ran down stairs, screaming the entire way (not me, but a few of our younger family members) and there in the car were two baskets full of treats – of an Australian and New Zealand flavor!  There was a new platypus t’shirt, a beach toy, an Australian animal figure, a book, and a piece of fruit.  No candy at all (perhaps because there were no plastic eggs to fill).

Now, here we are again, coming close to Easter, and gearing up.  Though plastic eggs are plentiful here, and even come in all sorts of patterns and designs, I have a feeling that we will just be keeping with our wool lovelies (I’ll likely make a few new ones to add to the stash).  As for the candy… I think that the Easter Bunny here will plan a similar basket full of Northwest treats – no candy.  Here’s to creating home-made traditions!

Also made for our home-made Easter last year were the crochet rope Easter baskets, and crochet bunny stuffies… oh, and yes that’s my now 7 year old sewing with me… I’ve got some makers in my family!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Eva Tallmadge says:

    Fun! We’ve always done some healthy treats and fun items (i.e. bubble bath). I try to avoid sugared up meltdowns whenever possible.


    1. simplykale says:

      Awesome! Maybe I can pick your brain for some good dairy and soy free options (that mama doesn’t know about, but the Easter Bunny does).


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