Big breath…

Remember in the beginning, when I talked about how I am quite introverted?  How I am not a self promoter.  How I am nervous and anxious about LOTS in life?!  Well… here’s one more thing to add to that list of anxieties…

If you go to my front home page, and look at the menu at the top left, there’s a new link to a page where you can purchase (direct from me) a Kale Adventure Blanket.  Don’t get me wrong, I think these blankets are awesome (other people seem to like them too) and I’ve had my original blanket for nearly 10 years and it’s still in amazing shape and is still our go-to for any adventure (camping, road tripping, traveling, beach going, etc.).  If we’re spending time outdoors (or if there’s the possibility we will be) we have this blanket close at hand.

And now it can be yours directly through this site!  So check out the new page (oh gosh, am I actually saying that?  Maybe you shouldn’t look actually) and ask me questions if you’re curious or confused (which is likely, as I’m know to be clear as mud)!  I’m really quite friendly, even if I seem a bit stand offish (that’s just the anxiety speaking, and the introvert trying to blend into the wall paper).

Okay folks.  Big smiles.  Here we go!




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