Childhood Magic

As a child, my family steeped me in the magical things of childhood: fairies, gnomes, mountain spirits, trolls, and more. It was never a question of whether these things we real, just a question of how much of a believer one was.

It was so commonplace in my family that we spoke of fairies and gnomes in the same matter of fact manner that we spoke of laundry or crows in the back yard.  It was simply another part of life.

As I grew up, I did not lose my belief in magic, though some of my thoughts morphed and changed as I morphed and changed.  And when I had children, there was no question in my mind as to whether they would grow up aware of the magic that exists in the world.

True to my upbringing, my two children have no doubt that fairies, gnomes, reincarnated spirits of loved ones lost, Santa (or Papa Noel according to our littlest one), the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny all exist – in real form.  And for our family, there is no question to any of their validity.

But recently questions of authenticity have come from my eldest child.  The questions, like so where exactly does the Easter Bunny live? are often asked, heavy with apprehension.  Perhaps he’s heard from friends that they have stopped believing.  Perhaps there have been comments about his matter of fact comments about magical things.  Or maybe he’s searching for the line between reality and make-believe – childhood and manhood.

Either way, time is passing and my children are growing.  They are changing and growing before my very eyes.  And while it’s exciting to see their growth and watch their capabilities expand, I must say that I sometimes worry that they will lose their sense of wonder too soon.  So for now, I am grateful that they can hold onto the magic.  My two boys have no doubt in their minds that magic is not a thing of childhood.  Magic is simply another part of life.  A way of paying attention to life with a hyper focused lenses that allows anyone to see the depth and the connection that exists in everything.

And you know what?  With so much else out there, touting truth and reality, but with little depth or substance, I genuinely think that believing in magic makes a whole lot more sense.  Wouldn’t you agree?



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