“When mama mad at me, she still love me.”

The words that come from the mouths of my babes will never cease to astound me.

While laying in bed tonight, ready for sleep, Baby Courageous turns to me and says, “when mama mad at me, she still love me. That make me happy. And when I mad at mama, I still love her and that make her happy too.”
Are you kidding me?! This kid may be nearly 3, but seriously?! The way he can articulate his deep thoughts and feelings are more eloquent than I often am about my own thoughts and feelings.  

And I’m supposed to be the parent?! I’m now completely convinced that I am incredibly unqualified.

* as an aside, that photo is not edited at all – no filters, no light or saturation adjustments.  Just the moment… and I have no explanation for the fact that my half-Korean child has blonde hair.


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