Happy Mother’s Day 

It used to be hard to celebrate Mother’s Day. It was a day to remember the void that my moms passing brought, and a day to try and muster enough positivity to get myself and my dad through it with as little emotional damage as possible.

And then I became a mom, and though this didn’t bring my mom back, it made me feel like I had a way to share something with her that went beyond mortality. I understood her more deeply, respected her more sincerely, and loved her more fiercely. Because being a mom is hard work, and being a good mom is close to something like magic.

I often think of her during times of stress or frustration. I hear her laugh when my two boys are acting outrageous and cannot contain their silliness. And I see her, even if only for a moment, when I am at my best as a mom.

We may not share genetic stock, and she may have never met my children, or been able to offer me parenting wisdom, but her influence is strong. And my children, and I, benefit from her mothering every day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers, and children of mothers out there!


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