… as I didn’t drink my cup of coffee this morning

It was not the day to miss my morning dose of coffee, but my dear absent minded husband brewed the coffee pot for two, and then drank for two. So the whole day has been filtered through a cloudy lenses of cotton headedness.

Add to that the sad reality that our dearest friends left the country yesterday, and an over tired toddler of nearly three years, who refuses to nap well, and you have a recipe for one spent mama. I don’t even have the energy to write, which is often what I turn to when feeling a need to spike up the energy, or process big feelings and deep thoughts.

But today all I wanted to do was call in sick from my mom and wife and daughter obligations, get a Costco size bag of chocolate candy and salty popcorn, and have a marathon of the best movies from the 90’s.

Does that make me a bad mom/wife/daughter? Nope, just a worn out one. Of course, I didn’t watch copious amounts of television while eating an unhealthy amount of ingredients I can’t pronounce – it was just a little dream I was having, as I didn’t drink my cup of coffee this morning.


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