It’s true that art speaks to its creator, much in the way that a young child speaks to his or her mama when there is an urgent matter to attend to (such as wiping a nose that’s nearly dripping into one’s mouth).  SEE ME NOW!  DO SOMETHING ABOUT ME NOW!

If you ignore it, much like a child, it will get louder.  But if you do something about it, with care and thought, it will relax and the intensity will dissipate and slacken.  That’s when you take a deep breath, and sit back in your chair to admire the creation that came from that sense of urgency and need.

In other times, inspiration can decide to come at the most supremely inopportune time, and then disappear when you have all the materials, time, and energy to pay very close attention to it.  It doesn’t care what your agenda is, or your time frame, or your other plans.  It can run rampant and be a little dictator that seems to run your life.  It can take you to the very edge of sanity, just to swing back and bop you in the nose and giggle while running away again.

Art.  Children.  Parenting.  Creating.  Same.  Same.

It’s no wonder I’ve recently found my sewing machine collecting dust.  The art which is speaking to me at the moment, is very much alive and ever changing, and highly demanding, and utterly all consuming.  It has it’s beautiful attributes, and it’s ugly ones.  It has morphing characteristics, which I have little control over (let’s be honest – no control over) and it requires the utmost creativity. All. the. time.

It is the art of eeking out that last ounce of patience, when you’re all out, just so you don’t do more harm.  It is peeling myself out of the dining table chair, and rummaging through the cupboards at 5pm after I have already reluctantly decided to do take out, only to then realize that everything available in our town will hurt our stomachs.  It is the art of running a family, without running myself into the ground.

But at the end of the day, when I can look back at what has been created, it is always with a smile (and a chuckle) that I remember that sharing a life with others, and doing my darndest to make sure that there is joy, and contentedness, and resilience, isn’t always easy or pretty, but it is always new and creative and well worth the effort.


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