But not long after the honeymoon phase of spring has come and gone, I am reminded…

I’m all for the beauty of spring – the colors, the returning birds, the sunshine.  In fact, I’ve written about the glory that is spring several times just this season alone!  Spring always seems to come just when I think I can’t endure the oppressive dark and cold of the winter a single moment longer.  It’s as if I fall asleep one night, and wake up to spring – to a true and honest rescue.

But not long after the honeymoon phase of spring has come and gone, I am reminded…


Close the doors.  Shut the windows.  Hide inside and watch as the wind spreads pollen all over everything.  Sniffle.  Snarfle.  Snuffle.

So, when there’s a dreary day like today, with a few rain drops to clear the air, it’s a welcome change to my scratchy throat and bleary eyes.  And it’s a great opportunity to go on a nature hunt.

My little man and I ventured out with rain coats, bikes, helmets (okay… just his bike) and wandered off to a near by trail to see what treasures we could uncover.  Instead of bringing pockets full of new “stuff” to add to our already “too much stuff” house, we took our camera (praise the digital camera with the delete feature) and found things you probably didn’t even know were treasures!  Sticks, rocks, leaves (a mama and a baby one to be exact), chocolate slugs, and more green than you can shake a stick at.

Who knew that the rain and dreary-ness that seemed like a heavy weight on us during the winter months, could be so welcome late-spring.  I guess that just goes to show you that, not only is balance inevitable (without me trying to force it), it is necessary – and welcome.

So much green, Dogwood seeds, feathers, chocolate slugs, and really tall trees.  Treasures we couldn’t bring home, even if we wanted to.  And trust me… he wanted to.

This boy loves his sticks – long sticks, curved sticks, branchy sticks, and bark-sticks.  Who am I to judge what treasure is to someone?


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