Thank you mom

One of the greatest gifts my mom ever gave me was my sons birthday.  Only a short time after my mom died, my son was born – on her birthday.  He was due 10 days earlier but, if I know my mom, she had other plans.  We often think about it as if she and our first born were sitting in the cosmos together, chatting about the next life.  We imagine her sitting him down and telling him all about us – how we would be the best parents he could have and how we would love him like no one else could.  We imagine her hand picking someone special – someone who would challenge us and help us grow; someone who would round out our family of two, someone just like our sweet boy.  

And now when June 5th comes around, I take a moment to remember her, and thank her.  Because instead of June 5th being a day full of sadness, it is a day full of joy and gratitude for the little boy who changed our lives.  

Thank you mom – it’s the best gift you could ever have given me.


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