Post-to-do check lists

I’m one that must get something done each day in order to go to bed feeling okay. Some days, especially during toddler-dis-equilibrium, that doesn’t happen (at least by my standards).  And then there’s those inspiring feelings of defeat to share my bed with.  But the other day, as I was telling a friend about my non-doing dilemma, she said, “You were busy! You have small children. You were busy.” At first I dismissed this idea, telling myself “aw, she’s just being nice, but don’t listen to her.  We all know you really didn’t accomplish anything.” 
But then she kept saying it – sincerely. And I began to think about what I actually did during the day. And she was right! It may not have been a day where I got to check things off my list, but things happened all the same. Granola was made (with my toddlers help), children were taken care of, laundry was done, people were fed (albeit once by take out) and at the end of the day, I still had energy to run around the house and yard and chase and startle my children while listening to their delightful squeals of panicked fear.  So I guess I have to admit that what my friend said is true.  I was busy, even though nothing got checked off my list. 

So, I have a new method to my check lists: write them at the end of the day – a list of the things that were done.  Now that doesn’t smell of defeat at all.


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