And that space was given to him by an exceptional dance teacher – with all the right priorities

I like closure. I like movies that wrap things up without any hanging “what if’s.” I like dessert after my dinner… always. I like hard-back book, so there’s no question when the book begins and ends. I like welcome parties when I arrive somewhere, and good bye parties when I am about to leave. I like things that have a definitive beginning and end. And that makes life kinda hard.

I’m not trying to whine. I’m not even trying to complain. I’m just trying to say that I’ve noticed that, more often than not, there is not closure. As a teacher, I don’t know what happens to most of my students after they leave my classroom at the end of the year. I don’t even know where my own children will end up! It’s all rather nebulous and everything is always changing! So, I have to say that I am exceptionally excited about this weekend – in a bittersweet, full-circle, closure, sort of way.

In December, my eldest son started dance lessons with my former teacher (from elementary through all of high school). She still had her perfect way of inspiring children to dance from the heart and for my son, it was love at first sight. Sure, he had his moments of tiredness, and of a motivation deficiency (trust me, it doesn’t only happen at dance class). But he loved to move – and you wouldn’t ever hear him say it – you would be witness to it. He cannot stay still when there’s a good beat (though finding the beat is a different story). And though his love of dance was not just the result of one wonderful teacher, the support and love he felt, to be the dancer he is, helped him blossom and grow into his body and into the innate confidence within himself.

This weekend, he will dance his very first recital, with my former (and favorite) dance teacher, during her final show. That’s what we call full circle people. And though it’s always bittersweet during a transition, I am so grateful that my son had the opportunity to feel the freedom that comes with appreciating his own unique movement, and the joy that comes when he dances for his own heart. And that space was given to him by an exceptional dance teacher – with all the right priorities.

Thank you Mary for all that you’ve given to my family – from the years of dance classes with me, and teenage council during car drives, to the now love and inspiration you’ve offered my son. We are forever indebted to you.


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