My little historian is taking his learning too far…

Brother Righteous (the web name of my eldest) has an affinity for history.  Pre-human-history (dinosaurs), human-history (in all their geographic and chronological renditions), pre-planetari-history (we’re talking Big Bang Theory here), and everything in between.  He is especially drawn to those things of the Victorian era.  The artifacts, the books, the way of living, the style of clothes, all of it.  But I never thought he’d go as far as to “try on” one of the common (and often feared due to it’s lethal outcomes) viruses.  That’s right.  My son has Scarlet Fever.

Seriously!?  I know!  It sounds serious, and scary, and sort of antiquated.  But here we are with a Victorian era killer.  But after some research, it’s not actually all that bad – now that antibiotics exist.  And its relatively common (considering it’s relative virus is strep).  So I guess I can be thankful for one thing – he chose to get a Victorian era illness in the era of antibiotics!  So glad to have access to Western medicine (though it does seem he always gets his worst illnesses during time in the states – not over seas… perhaps because of too much antibiotics?)

Here’s hoping your wee ones take a less participatory approach to their history lessons!



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