The three’s

Everyone says that the terrible twos were actually not that bad.  But watch out for three.  And I think they’re right.  We entered three exactly 24 hours ago.  And I am afraid.  Very afraid.  But not in the ways I expected.

Sure he’s willful (has been since before birth).  Sure he’s stubborn (can’t imagine where he gets that).  Sure he’s LOUD (this too is related to genetics).  But he’s always been those things.  

No, the thing that has surprised me about my full day of 3, thus far under my belt, is the awareness and reflection.  The revelations he’s made about what it is to grow up – to want to wear undies, to recognize that big brother doesn’t get a snuggle to fall asleep, and especially that his older brother has exactly everything he should have and infinitely more.  He had begun to learn about how to articulate self-will, recognize developmental milestones verbally, and yes… even shown an interest in potty training (thank goodness… and it’s about time)! 

All this on the day after his 3rd birthday on his way to bed.  I’m.  In.  Trouble.  So, though I’m sure it’s been amusing to read about him up until now, I have a feeling it’s just gonna keep getting better.  Buckle your seat belts folks.  It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


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