Simplifying media for summer 

I write because it’s how I process life.  I come here to write; to bounce thoughts and ideas off a white screen.  And then there’s you… my readers.  And if you get something from that process, all the better. 

So, here’s a quick request: though I currently post updates on FB, and usually on Instagram, I can feel my interest (in re-posting to multiple platforms) disappearing into activities like writing, adventuring (it is officially summer now after all) and being in off-line creativity mode.

So, if you like what you read… or if you are interested in being a sounding board for my thinking, please subscribe!  You can find the place to add your email at the bottom of any of my posts, or on the home page.  That way, you can always be sure to hear my dribble.  Aren’t you lucky!?  But remember, subscribing is a request, not a command. I won’t “unfriend” you either way.

Okay, that’s all for now folks!  And thanks for reading!


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