Summer must haves 

Summer can be a time of release, relaxation, and de-stressing.  But while still in that transition between intense structure to intense lack of structure, it can feel a bit disjointed and clunky.  The rush and demands at the end of a school year for a parent, and then a parent whose also a public school teacher by day, can feel intense.  

It’s not the first time that the abrupt end to a year has our heads spinning.  But it’s somehow different with only one teaching parent this time around.  We are a bit out of step as a family – two decompressing from school and two ramping things up because of no school.

So perhaps it shouldn’t be such a surprise that all these crazy energies have gone into replacing a deck floor, going on a dinner picnic to the beach with friends, taking a hike in the mountains, and at the lake, and playing on the beach AND berry picking and playground going, and crafting, and celebrating a 3 year olds birthday, all in the short five days we’ve had this summer break.

Whew!  I’m a bit pooped myself.

So, as we crash land towards the beginning of our summer, we’ve done a few things to try and guide the chaos.  First, a bucket list for summer.  Not my idea (saw it on Instagram and Pinterest I think) it was a great idea and has given us some guidelines.  Second, I have taken to writing a letter to my 8 year old every night which gives at least one thing that will happen the following day, and offers suggestions of things to do while he waits for the rest of his family to wake up (standing silently over my sleeping head and staring at me is NOT one of them).  

Third, we’ve always done well with a mid-day rest time (the three year old refused to nap anymore), especially if our mornings are busy (don’t remember a laid back one for several years now).  Fourth, though it’s likely obvious, we get outside – every morning – for several hours (2-3) always with our Kale Adventure Blanket in hand.  And finally, we try to make sure that we parents also have some down time without kids or each other at least every few days, and if at all possible, outside the house (so it doesn’t turn into extra chores time).

Transitions can be tricky, and as much as I crave them, they aren’t always pretty at the beginning.  But the excitement that comes with change makes it worth the few bumps along the way, and it’s always a great opportunity for learning and growth.  

Here’s hoping your summer is off to a smooth start!

P.S. I’m considering a bulk order for locals (yay for no shipping) if you’re interested, and in the Seattle or OP area, comment below or contact me direct!  And if you’re not local but want to take advantage of the discount price of $65 (+ s&h), I’m happy to ship within the US.


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