Summer is here, and our collective family life is busy.  Days are full and long and at the end of the evening, when the boys are finally asleep, it’s all I can do to stay awake for an hour after them; but more often less.

But in addition to the hum of busy summer days is the recently rekindled love for (what is now often referred to) analogue.  Using a pen and paper, and other tangible tools and materials, to get the busy out of my head – so I can look at it, touch it, turn it around, and face it head on.

The Traveler’s Company notebook from Japan (formerly known as Midori) was a gift that was received for this birthday (among many other treasures – tangible and intangible) and has been a bit of a game changer for me.  

Expression has often taken the form of writing for me, or dance, or music, or sewing.  But paper has been a love I’ve had longer than any of the others.  Whether it was copious journals, note cards and mail, Origami, written stories, or even making forms and lists to organize my life, I’ve always found the act of creating with paper (and other compatible tools) joyful and grounding.

And so, now what I so often did here – I’m now doing here: 

And it looks more like this:

And so, though there’s still a place for this, it is currently second fiddle to my newest (oldest) form of expression.  Don’t worry, I foresee some more balance in my future… I’m pretty sure. 

P.S. would love to send some beautiful snail mail to anyone whose wanting it!  Just lemme know!


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  1. Sue houglum says:

    Hope you had a happy, happy day! Thought of you a lot!
    Much love…..Sue


    1. simplykale says:

      Thanks! One of the best birthdays yet. I was very spoiled the past few weeks. 😊


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