Sometimes words can feel like my best friends.  They are there when I’m joyful.  When I’m angry, full of doubt, or feeling powerful and self righteous.  They rarely leave me, but when they do, it seems appropriate and intentional – like someone is thoughtfully getting out of my way so I can see better.

I use words differently in different situations and I even use different words in different situations.  In writing.  With family.  During appointments.  In reflection.  With newly introduced aquatints.

But words are almost always there.  And when they are not, usually they are just trying to point something out in their absence.

So, this summer, during these inteminten absences of words here, I’ve been enjoying the view and noticing what I can see when my words get out of the way and I can recognize better that which is in front of me.  


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  1. Great thoughts, and great photo! Thanks for posting this 🙂


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