Sometimes you make plans that get tossed out the window.  And sometimes you make dishes that you want to toss out the window.  Because when life becomes overwhelming and over-full and it feels like just one more hair (like a sink full of dishes) will tip the scales too far to the side and make everything come crashing down (your sanity to be the first to shatter) doing dishes seems (how do I say) stupid.

But let’s take a closer look at this situation: dirty dishes are patient (and quiet listeners if you need to vent).  They will sit and wait and wait until the cows come home (whatever that phrase means).  And they won’t get mad at me for being unattentive, and they won’t cause bodily injury to themselves if unsupervised, and they won’t hold a grudge or even notice if I’ve had a difficult day.  The just sit there, like a floating stinky messy spiritual guide, teaching me a quick little lesson in the complexities of learning patience and detachment.

Because in the end, the venting over dishes does nothing.  The frustration over dishes does not affect the dishes feelings in any way.  And the only one whose impacted (positively or negatively) is you.  Dishes will be clean or dirty, but either way, they are still just dishes.  And they will wait – in a cupboard or a sink.  It really doesn’t matter that much.

So, while the dishes may be a great spiritual teacher, they really are terrible conversationalist.  So maybe leave them be for now.  After all, one of their best virtues is patience.  Trust me, they will still be there in the morning.


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  1. Eva Tallmadge says:

    Ha! You are a stronger woman than me, to find peace with what needs your attention the most, and what you can let go of. I am truly my father’s daughter, because that picture makes my skin crawl. I can’t explain it, but I get physically uncomfortable if there’s not one empty side, so I can rinse something out, wash hands, fill up water, etc. Dishes are my nightly meditation; I take deep breaths of oxygen rich air from my plants on the window ledge, my body is relaxed with my hands immersed in a hot tub of soapy water, my mind calm, the ritual of wash, rinse and repeat. Ommmmmmm 🙂


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